The words I wish I could have said

This is a helping and caring blog where Women/Men can share the words they wish they said to people that made them feel happy, sad, angry, disappointed, in love, etc. It will be a place where YOU can just vent! No HATE will be tolerated! So share the The Words You Wish You Could Have Said..

Anonymous asked: I wish I was good enough for you... I wish I knew why you choose her instead of me.... I wish I didn't lay my heart on a silver platter for you... I wish I told you how I really felt when I found out...How I felt like I got stabbed in the chest repeatedly and as if there was something in my stomach clawing its way up my throat. I wish I told how you how much pain I was in when you saw me at school. I hoped that you would hold me and tell me you loved me. I hoped that when you saw my scars that you would understand. I wish I didn't fall as hard as I did for you... I wish that I had slapped you in the face when you tried to kiss me while you were in a relationship with her, I should have slapped you instead of just running away. I wish I didn't harm myself over an asshole like you.

I know how it feels to be in this situation, I feel as though everyone has been through this kind of pain before, so reach out to people that are close to you and talk to them about it, it will help you find closure and make you feel better inside! You didn’t slap them because you are better than that

Anonymous asked: You just didn't get it didn't you? I made a mistake, I said it was sorry. I did self-harm because of how you were treating me for the mistake I made. I couldn't stand being in class with you right there, I spent my class periods in a bathroom stall instead. You hurt me alot, even though I hurt you to. I am so sorry for what I did. But you never forgave me for it. You said everything was cool, then the next day.. you say all these words that destroyed me. You were so two-faced that week. You made me feel like complete dirt. Thankyou to one boy, I stopped cutting. But I will always have cuts on my heart for how you treated me.

I am glad to here you stopped your self inflictions, by taking your pain out on yourself only causes your self more pain. It would have been a never ending cycling! But you broke out of that vicious cycle, what a strong person you are! Who ever this person is that caused you so much has to live with that pain forever but lets pray that they learned their lesson and that they will never hurt anyone again.

Anonymous asked: there is so much i want to say to you and i wish i had said something sooner maybe it would have been different. i should have told you how you had me falling for you from the moment i first saw you smile. i didnt know it then but you sparked something in me that is going to be extremely hard to put out. i love your beautiful brown eyes and the way it feels when you look at me. I love how your smile shines brighter than the sun itself and gives me butterflies everytime i see it. i love the way you can set my heart racing at a million miles an hour everytime you hug me or tickle me or kiss my cheek. the way you care about me makes me feel so special... it takes all my strength not to lean over and kiss you when we are sitting together alone. and what hurts the most is that i know that some else gets to hug you... gets to kiss you... gets your love.... you are the first and only girl i have had feelings for... I LOVE YOU

Go tell her now! Tell her all of this you have to.. This is every girls dream to hear this. You are strong enough to do this


Anonymous asked: i shouldn't have lied to you, i shouldnt have pretended that i was the good person in the situation when really i was the bad one.. i am full of regret.

You cannot live in regret, it is not healthy, you must forgive yourself of your actions and then promise yourself you will not let it happen again!


Anonymous asked: I wish i could have said bye when it got to hard to say no

charmingseductions asked: i wish i couldve left you when i knew something was wrong. but i was too naive to believe that things will be ok again. i wish i couldve said the words that i wanted to say to u before youve said it first.
i wish i couldve dumped your asses before all of u did.
but no... i was too nice and too scared to hurt anyone.

Sometimes I have felt the same way, but you know what? You did the right thing, you stayed genuine through out it all. You stayed kind and sweet through bad times. You always know a persons true colors when they are facing something hard in their life.. You shined through the hard times and remained to be sweet, thats what matters the most

constance-em asked: I wish I had told you that I love you, that I've love you for the last 3 years since the moment I've met you. I wish I had told you that you were my first love, my true love, the only one. I wish I had told you everything before you past away. I still love you and I'll never forget you ♥

Love never leaves your heart or theirs, they now know.. You don’t need to regret anymore they know you love them:)

Anonymous asked: I wish i could have said sorry for being the one who let you go. I want you back and now your gone i should have listened to you when you said i dont get a second chance i wish you were mine

Never think that tomorrow is going to come, just live in the moment and if it feels right at that time then do it.. Sometimes you may be scared but if your heart and mind are in sync then do it.. Second chances alway happen to the people who want them the most

Anonymous asked: i wish i could of said..well hi for starters, we've never talked and yet i like you more than i want to admit. i feel like ive seen you look at me a bit but maybe you were looking somewhere else. i know you know who i am and i dont know why i like you. i wish we could talk and i wish we could be friends at the least and i tell myself if its meant to be it will be but i really wish it will be

Then go and DO IT! Say Hi be bold do something out of comfort zone and watch how beautiful things unfold. Life is full of surprises so go out and surprise yourself!!!

letlovespeaktoyou asked: I wish I could have said,
I'm sorry for all the things I did to hurt you. Please don't leave me.

I wish I could have said,
Daddy, don't you care about me? I was just born. Don't kill yourself.

Everything is going to be ok, everything will work itself out.. The hurt you may have don to him/her will soon heal and life will be better

Life gives you lessons; it’s gives you obstacles you sometimes dont think you can handle at this very moment but you get over them and push through.. Every lesson you learn now, will later come up again and when it does you will know how to handle it! A parents death is one of the hardest things in life.. You are so strong to come thus far