The words I wish I could have said

This is a helping and caring blog where Women/Men can share the words they wish they said to people that made them feel happy, sad, angry, disappointed, in love, etc. It will be a place where YOU can just vent! No HATE will be tolerated! So share the The Words You Wish You Could Have Said..

Anonymous asked: I dont think he will ever realize how much I cared, but well i did. Not only did you embarass me but my friends and worst of all my family, you made a joke out of me and i did nothing but love you. Why? How? What made you do this to me.. are all guys assholes like you because if they are I dont think i can take much longer of this pain

It takes time to heal and I know when stuff like this is going on the days seem to last longer than ever before. But what he did to you, he has to live with, not you. So one day life will pick up again and things will look bright for you.. I think this is the perfect song for this situation


Anonymous asked: being friends would be better, right? it would be less painful that way..
but when i see him with someone else, my heart just drops. i can't say anything without wanting to cry. it's hard to fake a smile, but i have to.
I want to have him in my life as a friend rather than not at all...

It could be better, but honestly it could go both ways. It could be the decision you two ever made or it could absolutely tear you apart. You have to know what exactly you want. If it pains you to be friends then you simply cannot be friends, it seems as though it is hard for you to just be friends so maybe  you should really rethink all of your actions.

Anonymous asked: the only thing i regret is not telling him how i still feel.. even tho he broke up with me 3 months ago i still have feeling for him.. but im scared that if i tell him that i still like him, our "friendship" would be ruin.. i'm ok with the whole friendship thing!! its better than being total strangers..

i agree that friendship is better but if it is hurting you to be with him bc you want so much more than dont put yourself through that pain. I think you should give it more time before you tell him.. I think you need more healing time

Anonymous asked: I wish i was good enough for you. I wish you felt the same way, like you did before. but I guess things change, so do people. And even though being just friends and seeing you with her will kill me, I'll do it.. if it makes you happy.
That's the thing I want the most- for you to be happy. You've made me happier than I've ever been... and I wish you knew that.


Anonymous asked: Did you ever really love me, or was it just pretend.. Thats what I wish I was strong enough to say when I had he chance this weekend but no I was weak and walked away.


Anonymous asked: I wish you just would of liked me like i liked you but guys always go for the hoes and i refused to put out until i knew how you really felt.

I loved how you kept it classy and didn’t just throw your body at him, such a lady:)


Anonymous asked: i miss talking to him i mean the worst part of loosing a guy is loosing a best friend. i really want to talk to him but i know that will just spark my feelings back again sooooo confused

You need to give yourself a break with him, play it cool dont text him dont say heyy just pull yourself out of it.. Just wait  and slowly your feelings will dissipate

Anonymous asked: i feel used. After 5 months of "thinging" it was most defiantly time to take our relationship to the next level, and that ment him asking me out. Instead he just walked away. It's like he never even cared about me in the first place. Most of all i'm scared to go back to school, to see him with other girls and face him. I wish i would have seen this coming. But you know what i'm going to show him that i am stronger, i'm not going to let anything bother me and just have a great year with my friends and hopefully another guy will come around. I say this but everything with him still hurts

yoooouu go girl! You got this, seriously go and have the best nights ever with girls and another guy will come along they always do!

Anonymous asked: we went out last year for only a couple of days. 12, to be exact. yes, i did count, because those were the 12 best days of my life. everything was perfect those 12 days and it seemed as though nothing could go wrong. then you ended it, claiming that your friend "made you" . i believed you because i felt you could do no wrong. little did i know, you could. the next year, exactly a year later - 1 day (june 18th the first time, june 17th the second time) you asked me out again . i automatically said "i don't know..." with out thinking. maybe it was my subconscious mind trying to save me from all the pain that i was to go through in the next month . but, i blew it off and said yes after you promised me that it wouldn't be like the last time. this time, it would last for "a long, long time". little did i know, your promises don't mean shit. now that everything is said and done, i realize you're actually not who i thought you were. in fact, you aren't anything like i thought you were. used, abused, and neglected; that's where you left me. yet, i can't seem to let go. i'm trying day by day to get over every lie you told but its not as easy as it seems. it'll take time. at least i can say, i'm not your ghost anymore*

I love this, you are so strong and you see it clear.. your not trying to make excuses for his/her actions! Loveee it bee strong! You got this


Anonymous asked: I wish you would realize what you did to your family. You ruined and destroyed us. We're falling apart and it's because of you. You would think that you would learn from your actions after being in juvie AND jail... but no. Now you're in prison, are you happy now? You made my childhood and growing up a living hell. But you're my brother and I love you. I just want you get better. You write me all the time... one day I'll write back. I promise. But right now, I need to get myself back together and try to mend our family. Stay strong, buddy. Don't give up.